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Facing Foreclosure? Loan Modification Denied? 

If you are one of many millions of Americans who are facing foreclosure due to financial hardships or flexible interest rates that have increased recently, you may have applied for a loan modification.  Denied is not the answer you want. You may still be able to stop foreclosure by speaking to one of our representatives live or online.

Many times, what happens is that the lender does not have the time nor resources to handle every new application which results in having your loan modification denied. There are many loan modification applications coming across the desks of most of the lending agencies since the Loan Modification Act was passed in 2008 and many lenders are trying to wade through the vast amounts of applications.  Also, many lending companies are outsourcing their customer service.  Many homeowners are finding themselves not being helped, or having their loan modification denied, because the customer service offices are not well staffed nor do they have a firm grasp of real estate or mortgage laws.

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Another reason a homeowner may have their  loan modification denied is because the applicant may not qualify.  If you are trying to get a loan modification it is best that you use an agency such as who can help you to determine, before you apply, if you have the qualifications and the meet the standards for a loan modification.  Since you will have a representative working directly with you and for you, you will have a better chance at an approval instead of having your loan modification denied

It is not fair practice for a lending agency to deny your application simply because you have not yet defaulted on any of your mortgage payments.  For example you could be facing being laid off in the near future which may  put you in financial straits.  Many responsible homeowners want to check out their options before they are in default.  This is where a company like  can help you immensely.

The final reason a lending agency may claim your loan modification denied is because you will not have an income that can support your mortgage if you have just recently lost a job.  Your income to debt ratio may be too high or there may be other factors that will determine whether or not your income is enough to have a loan modification and to stop foreclosure

An agency like can help you determine whether you will qualify for a loan modification before you spend time and money trying to to rewrite your loan to then have your application for a loan modification denied.  There is no need to guess at it while you are applying when you have agents who are well versed in the program.

If you've had your loan modification denied, contact and Stop Foreclosure today.